Here we are FARMING!

Well it has been a long time since the last update. But that is no real surprise in this, the busiest time of our year. We have had a cool, cloudy spring with periods of dry and periods of great rain. Last saturday was a very warm sunny day, as was today, and was we were digging and planting potatoes and working in the hoop house: we really felt the heat!

Despite the intense weather, a great deal has been accomplished. We have moved literally thousands of seedlings through the greenhouse, so that now onions, shallots, brassicas (broccoli, cabbage, kale, etc), lettuce, beets, an array of herbs and flowers, and much more are growing strong in the field. We also have used our new Jang seeder to seed carrots, spinach, beets, and others. We were pleasantly surprised to find that most of last year’s parsley plants over wintered with their deep cover of snow, so these plants are growing big and strong. In the past few days we have worked hard to get over 20 rows of potatoes planted, and erected one of the 40 foot hoop houses where 80 tomatoes were put out this week.

Last weekend we had our first work-potluck. We had scheduled an all farm potluck, but with the prospect of rain, and the slow growth of our fields at that time, we decided to put off meeting the majority of our shareholders for a few weeks. We ended up having a hot, sunny day and got a great deal of work done (thanks Common Gardeners!).

The farmers have been blessed with the first tastes of harvest as rhubarb sauce on our yogurt, spinach on our pizza, and beet green and butter crunch lettuce salad. We look forward to sharing this bounty with our shareholders soon, and we are calculating that our first farm share will include rhubarb, lettuce, braising greens, salad mix, parsley, and perhaps salad beets. This should be within the next couple weeks.

Hope you all are enjoying the lovely spring weather, and we will see you soon! Lee

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