Oh the Wind!

This season has been on the verge of extreme regarding weather. The spring was so cool, but also rather dry. Suddenly the heat has come on all at once, and the wind has been persistent as well. Yesterday and today the wind was strong enough to really be discouraging. Our sea weed mulch is blowing off, our row covers won’t stay in place, the ends of the hoop house are flapping into plans, and many many of our tiny seedlings are struggling with dehydration. We are working on setting up a new irrigation system using a large cistern and gravity fed lines, which will be wonderful when it is in working order, but today our little plants (and the farmers) were wishing for water on hand. The lack of water is stressing the plants enough that the bugs are getting a jump on us. Lucretia is preparing biodynamic equuisetum that is being spread on the field, and we hope that this will support our crops both against the bugs and in finding the water that they need.

On a brighter note, our farm interns Adam and Sam are now working full time and the amount of work we can accomplish with their help is encouraging. Nearly all of the tomatoes are now in the ground, and the potatoes are completely planted. The potatoes that were planted last week are already peeking above the soil, and the lettuces, cabbage, and broccoli from the early successions are doing wonderfully. We are facing a lot of flea beetles on many of the later successions of leafy crops and have been talking with other farmers about what approaches they use for these pests.

Despite the bugs and the weather, there is food to be had in the field and we are ready for our first harvest: Next week we will distribute our first shares. There will be head lettuce, braising greens, heads of Chinese cabbage, baby beets with their greens, parsley, and rhubarb. We also always have available our farm fresh eggs, soprasata and pepperoni, and yogurt and milk. If you are still interested in a share, please, be in touch.

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