A drizzly day on the farm

Thought I’d write a short note tonight, as I have not been on in a while.

We had a wet day on the farm today. It didn’t really rain all that much, but enough to keep all the plants wet and the soil muddy. We got 100 little broccoli seedlings in the ground, seeded another row of cucumbers, as well as reseeded some winter squash that has been eaten by the cut worms. All these we surrounded by Dixie cups, as this is the best protection we have found against the cut worms.

I picked the first of the snow and snap peas. The children are always delighted when we finally let them start eating sugar snap peas right off the vine, and us mamas delight in watching so much fresh green go into their little tummies. I also picked something close to 8 or 10 quarts of beautiful strawberries, and of course the kiddos love munching these down as well.

I also have been pruning the tomatoes, as they have really taken off, and so it is time to cut out the suckers, and trim the leaves that touch the ground. They are in flower and some already have tiny little green tomatoes. Mmm….fresh tomatoes! I can’t wait.

A quick reminder that if you have milk or yogurt jars to please return them when you are finished, and to also please return any strawberry containers you no longer need.

And finally, a recipe. This was the salad I made last night, out of what was in the fridge. I’m calling it “JUNE SALAD”

First I put some olive oil, salt, and garlic powder on beets, and put them in a covered roasting dish in the oven at 350 to roast until they were tender.

Then I cut some bacon into 1″ pieces and cooked these to the consistency that I like best.

I cut a bundle of kale into 1/2″ strips.To this I added some red onion sliced fine, and arugula.

The bacon was done before the beets, so I allowed it to cool some– not totally cool to room temperature, but no longer sizing hot. I did this so that when I poured it over the kale mix it was warm, but not hot enough to cook the kale or other greens. When I was ready, I poured the bacon – yes grease and all (that’s the good stuff)– over the kale mixture, and tossed in a bit of balsamic vinegar, some toasted pumpkin seeds, blue cheese crumbles, finely sliced garlic scapes (you’ll get some next week), salt, pepper, and garlic powder. With this all mixed together I served it in a bowl with the roasted beets sliced over the top. It was sooo good. I could have eaten more bowls for sure. Now you can try!

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