Summer Must Be Here!

Well, if we didn’t know it from all the sweat and sun burn,  a few of the crops just coming on tell me for certain summer must really be here AND very very soon we will literally have more to harvest than we have hours in the day. I dug new potatoes. Just one row out of the seven rows of reds yielded nearly 50 pounds of potatoes! and the reds are just one of 5 varieties that we planted. I also picked the first five cucumbers and there were an innumerable amount that will be ready by the end of the week. The summer squash are starting to grow fruit nearly fast enough to see them go, green beans should bear within the next week or so, and the first of the sungold tomatoes are a fine delicacy to the passing farmer. All of these crops take a lot of time to harvest when they are bearing heavily, primarily just because there is so much to pick! As another farmer’s blog said this week the summer crops make the harvest go from “Zero to Sixty miles per hour” in no time.

This week’s shares will be:

Spinach, salad greens, broccoli or cauliflower, new potatoes, carrot, radish, flowers, and summer squash.

Here is one of my favorite dishes that I have made over the past week:


You can first serve this as a warm meal, then after the sauce cools a bit, toss it with the pasta and cheese and refrigerate for a great cold salad.


Penne Pasta

Garlic Scape Pesto

Summer Sausage (soprasata), bacon, or ham, cut small (optional)

Summer Squash (any)

~4c of roasted tomatoes

Fresh Herbs


Crumbled goat Feta


Cook penne to al dante. Rinse with cool water when cooked. Set aside

Cut summer squash to half-inch thicknesses (for small zucchini and crook neck, quarter lengthways; for larger squash or patty-pan, slice half-inch ‘rounds’)

In a large skillet, sweat garlic very gently in a bit of olive oil, butter, or bacon fat. If you are using meat, you can, at this point, lay a ham or pork bone in with the garlic to enhance the flavor. Add fresh herbs. Lay the summer squash in a single layer on the garlic. Keeping heat low, slowly soften the summer squash, rotating pieces from the center to the edges. When all the pieces are just starting to get a layer of translucency, increase the heat to medium, add roasted tomatoes and juices. Continue to occasionally turn pieces while tomato liquid is gently reducing. Do not overcook! Remove each piece from the pan as it is ready and allow to cool- you want firm pieces in the pasta salad.

Rinse pasta with cold water if it is stuck together. Toss with garlic scape pesto and meat. If serving hot- serve dishes of pasta with a ladle of sauce and crumble of feta over the top. If it will be a cold salad, allow sauce to cool to room temperature or a bit warmer (about the amount of time it takes to eat a meal) and toss with pasta and refrigerate. Add feta to cool salad when you serve it.


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