Lucretia’s Note Before a Week Away

Dear Common Gardeners,

What a week this has been.   Temperatures reaching 100 degrees at the farm, and still much work was accomplished by many.   The shares are growing as we harvest new potatoes, cucumbers, and zucchini.   Green beans are small on the vine, but will probably be ready to pick soon.   Tomatoes are just beginning to ripen, and we look at them each day to see how long until the first fruit is ready.   We also planted fall broccoli this week, and cabbage and head lettuce the week before.   We still need to plant more beets and carrots, and continue with spinach and arugula when the temps cool a bit.

This week, Michael, the kids and I are off to Baxter State Park for a camping trip.    We have been looking forward to this trip for almost a year, and we are all excited to get away from the farm for a week and just enjoy each other.   Sam, Adam and Lee will be taking care of the farm, which is a lot of responsibility, but we know they are up to the challenge.   We have left a long list with them of work to be done while we are away, so we hope that all of you who volunteer at the farm will put in your time this week and help them out.   We are still trying to catch up on the weeding and mulching in the strawberries, and hope to get the greenhouse cleaned out for fall.   We have left a list in the farm store on a white board, in case you are here when the guys, or Lee are not here.    And, you can always just go and get a stirrup hoe and weed where you see the need.

As always, thanks for your time and dedication to the farm.   I am often amazed by what all of us have accomplished, and by the beautiful, healthy food that we are growing together.   I am very nourished by all of you, and by the hard work you help us accomplish here.   We have created quite a community!


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