Eager for Spring

Despite a week of lying about in bed trying to get over a wicked sinus infection that has gotten the best of me this past week,  I have had the extra time to read up on organic apple tree care and maintenance.  According to our Biodynamic Calendar, the past week was the ideal time to begin pruning fruit trees, so I bundled myself up, and with the help of my good friend Michaelene began the task of pruning the older trees.   It was fun to look at the trees and imagine what they would look like in 5-10 years, and then to see which branches needed to be thinned to allow more light.  It is definitely an art, and one which I will have to devote myself to.

The seeds arrived this week, and we got everything we ordered!   That has never happened before.   I take that as a good omen….  Next week we begin the task of cleaning out the greenhouse and readying it for seed starting.   We also hope to get a 100′ hoop house up next week to begin warming the soil so that we can plant it in early greens, like spinach, lettuce and arugula.









The sows are getting bigger and hopefully that means that they will farrow in mid to late March.    Already, the mud and ice are making a mess of the pig pens.   I can’t imagine what March will be like.  Let’s hope for an early spring!

Sow with piglets











The newest member of our farm is Seamus’ new puppy Streak.  He is a Great Pyrenees guard dog.  Our older dog Shirley is also a Great Pyrenees and she does an excellent job of keeping the fox, coyotes and deer at bay.   Great Pyrenees are smart, gentle animals.  This new pup arrived at 8 weeks old and never cried or barked once.   He would rather be outside playing with Shirley than in the house, although he does love to come in and visit and see what he can find in the compost bucket.

Seamus with Streak










Looking forward to longer days!  Be well.


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