March 30

It was an exciting week on the farm.  We had the pleasure of hosting Janisse Ray, who was visiting Bowdoin College from Georgia.  Janisse is an activist, farmer, and nature writer, who has authored five books.  Her most recent book, The Seed Underground, celebrates seeds and seed savers for their resilience and the hope they inspire.  Charmed by Janisse’s descriptive story telling, students, faculty, and friends of the farm gathered around the table to discuss the realities of farming.

There are now 18 piglets on the farm, who scurry about in frenzied exploration, while children (and adults, who are we kidding?!) gravitate closer and closer to watch.  Seeds continue to be sowed, sprouts are growing taller and there are more piglets on the way!

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to join us:  Milkweed 2013 CSA Application. 


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3 responses to “March 30

  1. Life on the farm brings the family extended family together, the hard work, the laughter, the feeling of accomplishment…reap what we all sow…a Happy Easter to all …the reunion that Spring brings to all of us and the love we share with our community.

  2. Rebecca Hotelling

    Lucretia and MIchael: I continue to be so impressed with what you have done with your farm. A dream truely come true. I am in deep admiration. And even before I started receiving the latest from Milkweed Farm, I was thinking: when last did I communicate with Lucretia? And or course, this has got to be the BUSIEST time of year. Could I just come by and see you about the farm.? No fanfare, no tea, just to see you. BEcky

  3. Anne McAlaine

    Love getting news of the crops and piglets, and, the fantastic photographs! Anne, aka Mom

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