April 15, 2013

Spring has truly arrived and the fields have thawed, so the list of chores has grown significantly.

While we continue to soil block and seed trays, we are also out in the fields, preparing beds and planting seedlings.  Pigs and people are tilling the land by snout and broad fork, churning nutrients and critters upward to the sun.  In a field once covered with oats, thousands of onions have been planted and the infrastructure for the hoop house has been installed.  We are enjoying freshly harvested crispy sweet spinach in salads, eggs, and on pizza.  Laughter, stories, and delicious goodies abound!

Don’t miss out on the various ways to join our community.  See the application for more details:  Milkweed Farm 2013 CSA Application



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2 responses to “April 15, 2013

  1. A job well done…it looks fantastic!!

  2. Rebecca Hotelling

    Lucretia: I emailed you several days ago. I, too, don’t read my emails on a regular basis. I was asking for a time to come to visit. I do know how vbusy you are at this time of year! I would just follow you around. I am also once again going to California the first of May.. love, Becky

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