April 22

Babies, buds, and beds were the theme of the week.

We didn’t think she was expecting, so we were delightedly surprised, when Shirley had a litter of eight puppies!  Early Thursday morning, Michael found Shirley and the puppies nestled together beneath a tree.  Now, on a bed of hay in the barn, Shirley is tending to them diligently as they sleep and feed.  In addition, the remaining pregnant sow had her long anticipated litter, eight solid colored piglets, of various shades of pink, brown, and black.

Buds continue to pop; and beds are being prepared with broad forks, compost, and seaweed.  Seeding and planting continue, and the spring sun is warming our cheeks.  Don’t miss out on the various ways you can join our community!  2013 Milkweed Farm CSA Application


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3 responses to “April 22

  1. Do you need a home for any of the puppies? We’ve never been dog people, but Theo sure would love one!

  2. Can’t wait to see the little round balls of puff…what an amazing surprise, how old is Shirley…and the farm is really coming together with your early apprentices right on hand..Love to you all !!

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