June 3

Summer arrived overnight and the plants are loving it!  The warmth and moisture are resulting in fields awash in green, with new height and depth.  Arugula, spinach, bok choi, butter crunch bibb lettuce, hukurei turnips, shallots, rhubarb, totsoi, flowering chives, and fresh thyme were among the goodies in this week’s farm share basket.

After reading, Michael Pollan’s article ‘Some of my Best Friends are Germs’, with such fixins in my fridge, I’ve been less self-conscious about my relaxed approach to washing vegetables- phew!  In addition, I have added steel cut oats to my breakfast repertoire, but with a twist.  I’ve been sauteing spinach, and bok choi with spices and salt, frying an egg, and topping the steel cut outs with the savory goodness.

I also discovered rhubarb for the first time, sauteing it in butter and a touch of brown sugar, before adding it to one of my favorite granola bar recipes.  Try these out and share your culinary creativity with us by post!

Medicinal Herb Class will be held on Saturday,

June 29th from 9am to 12pm.

It will be an introduction, including identification of medicinal herbs and their uses with lessons on how to make simple tinctures, oils and teas.  A second class, on making medicinal syrups, will be offered this Fall.  If you have an Herb Share, one free class is included!  If you do not have an herb share, but would like to participate, the cost of the class is $40.  Contact Lucretia to reserve your spot.

Hope to see you on a pick-up day, Kate

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