July 31

Again, we thank you for your additional help and extra enthusiasm while Lucretia was out of town.  Thanks to all of you, we pulled off CSA pick-up days with ease and grace.  Upon her return, Lucretia was overwhelmed by the beauty of the farm, due to the weeded paths, new plantings, and abundant color and growth.

This week’s basket is chock full of amazing goodies: celery, beets, carrots, braising greens, tomatoes, kale, peppers, eggplant, zuchini, head lettuce, and a bouquet of flowers.  Most items this week are worth simply enjoying fresh and raw, such as that celery.  Have you ever had a better celery stick?!  If you have the will power, save a stalk or two, because you’ll want to try next week’s celery recipe, which includes an ingredient in next week’s basket…  Oh, sweet anticipation!

For one-stop shopping here at the farm, get your local all-natural protein for the week: 

Milkweed Farm Hot Italian or Sweet Italian Sausage (both free of soy, dairy & gluten)- $5.50 per package

Fresh Milkweed Farm Eggs- $5 a dozen

Swallowtail Creamery Yogurt- $6 for plain, $7 for blueberry or maple

This week, I have particularly enjoyed eggs in a nest, using the braising greens, kale, and adding a few sun gold tomatoes at the very end, so they are tender; and for lunch a bacon, basil and tomato sandwich, heavy on real mayonnaise, salt, and cracked pepper.  Here are some other recipes to get you going…

Celery Stir Fry


Image thanks to http://www.simplyrecipes.com

Zucchini Pasta with Tomato & Bell Pepper Sauce


Image thanks to http://www.rawfoodrecipes.com

Eggplant Ragout over Linguini

eggplant ragout

Image thanks to http://www.rachelraymag.com

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  1. Kermit Eggplants are used in Asia for stir fry dishes and curries. I used onion, garlic scapes, pepper, kale and kermit eggplant served as a side with haddock…yummy !!

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