August 21

There continues to be much to celebrate on the farm.  This week, we were lucky enough to have family and friends from away, join us to celebrate Lucretia and Michael’s anniversary, and the beautiful bounty and  place that they continue to share so graciously.  We are thrilled to have you in our community to help us maintain this special place!

Speaking of bounty…  this week’s box is outrageous: eggplant, zucchini, summer squash, chard, head lettuce, onions, purple potatoes, hukurei turnips, beets, garlic, cucumber, tomatoes, sun golds, tomatillos, peppers, ground cherries, and flowers.  We hope you enjoy this week’s array of ingredients, recipes and photos!

Ground Cherry & Cucumber Salsa


Tomatillo Salsa Verde


Image thanks to:

Beet Margarita

beet margarita

Image thanks to:

Glazed Hukurei Turnips

glazed hukurei turnips

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One response to “August 21

  1. Mandy

    Kate, Your pictures are wonderful! Thank you for capturing the magic.

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