September 25

In our final week of harvesting for farm share, the change of season is abundantly clear.  The winds have picked up, bringing with them cool air and layered clouds.  Roasted vegetables, hot tea, and puffy coats are comforting as we adjust to the change.  Though autumn is upon us, there is no shortage of color, texture, and produce for you to enjoy.  The final share includes: leeks, garlic, fingerling potatoes, head lettuce, peppers, micro greens, beets, onions, tomatillos, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, and butternut squash.

You can still call Lucretia to reserve your Thanksgiving Turkey!

Milkweed Pasture Raised Turkeys for Thanksgiving  

$5.00 per pound

Reserve one now with a $20 deposit

Lucretia is co-hosting a retreat with Kara Douglas at the Flagstaff Hut, which is part of the Maine Huts and Trails System in Western Maine.  The retreat will focus on Adapting to Seasonal Changes as we move from Fall into Winter.  Experience yoga, hiking, and delicious locally sourced meals by Milkweed Farm’s very own Muriel and her partner Caleb, who is a chef at Fore Street.  Click here to learn more!

Adapting to Seasonal Changes

November 1st ~ 3rd

A Yoga and Hiking Retreat in the Carabasset Valley

with Lucretia Woodruff and Kara Douglas

Potato Leek Soup

potato leek soup

Butternut Squash Risotto with Sage

butternut squash risotto

Image thanks to:

Pho-Inspired Noodle Bowl with Broccoli

pho with broccoli

No-Time Bread

No, these ingredients don’t come from the farm, but this time of year calls for piping hot homemade bread!  I stumbled across this recipe last fall, because I had promised my roommate fresh baked bread upon her return from parent-teacher conferences.  It’s been my go-to ever since.  In the final reshaping of the dough, I like to experiment by rolling in olive oil and spices such as rosemary or cumin seeds.  P.S. I do not have a microwave.  A warm oven works just as well!

the Kitchn NoTimeBread

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