October 30

In the quiet stillness of frost, mornings now linger long after dawn.  We work with visible breath, and numb fingers and toes.  While most aspects of the farm are settling down, Shirley’s new litter of puppies is a bundle of excitement.  Her pups will need cozy homes just in time for the holidays!

We are thrilled to have you as part of our community, whether in person or a fan from afar, and hope you’ll join us again next season.  Until then, Milkweed Farm wishes you and your family the best.

Click here to join us again next summer!

Milkweed Pasture Raised Turkeys for Thanksgiving  

Now $4.50 per pound

The price has been reduced, because we found a better deal on processing them

Call Lucretia to reserve one now with a $25 deposit

Continue receiving beautiful bounty through Mid-December with a six-week Full Pantry CSA, a collaboration between Milkweeed Farm and Swallowtail Farm Creamery.  This is NOT your run-of-the-mill share!  Each week will include:

Veggies: Root vegetables & greens

Dairy: Yogurt, cheese, raw milk & greek yogurt

Protein: Eggs & Ground beef, lamb, or pork

A baked good: Bread, pastry, or pie

A canned good: Jam, preserves, or a pickled item

November 6th to December 11th

Pick-ups in Freeport, Brunswick, and Portland

Cost of the Full Pantry six-week share is $600

Call Lucretia to join today.  Space is limited!

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