January 30


Winter Idle…. January 30, deep freeze has set in again.   Animals trod on frozen ground waiting for the warmth of sunshine each morning after the long, cold, dark, nights.   You can almost sense their relief and joy when the sun rises over the trees and shines on their home.   Chicken eggs are found frozen and cracked each morning, day after day as the cold settles in.   The farm work is harder on these cold days.   Water must be lugged over ice and snow to the animals a few times a day, as it freezes quickly in the subzero cold.  We pile straw into the rustic pig houses hoping that it will take the edge off.   The children seem unfazed by the cold, running and skating for hours on end.

Inside, I focus on the quotidian chores that I have no time for in the busy season; cleaning out closets, dusting, mopping, folding clothes.   I enjoy this time of year for its slowness.   Long dark evenings force us inside for early suppers and long deep sleeps.  Some nights I read books until late in the evening.   My mind is full of thoughts and ideas for the new season.  It is hard to sleep.

2014 Milkweed Farm CSA Application

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