February 18

Sun on snow, blinding bright, as Finn and I lug 5 gallon buckets of feed and water to the pigs, chickens, goats and cow. Coal black crows sit in the snow waiting for the spill of grain as we trudge and stumble in yesterdays frozen boot holes.    A long winter already and more snow and cold predicted for the week.   Inside, we keep the cook stove loaded with wood and the tea kettle always hot.   Seed packets spread in disarray over the long oak table as we plan for the first planting of green(s) in the high tunnel and seedlings in the greenhouse.   Warm, brown dirt to dig in is miraculous with temperatures in the single digits at night, and only a light cover of plastic that keeps the cold from taking hold.

Please join us this season and reap the bounty of our hard work.   Spring is almost here.   I can see it in the fat robins that returned to the farm yesterday.

2014 Milkweed Farm CSA Application




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4 responses to “February 18

  1. jacquie flynn

    Your food always looks so yummy!! xxoo jackson

    • harvestmoonproduceme

      Nicely put, as a Maine farmer I can hear the effect of the long winter wearing on the physical labor of chores but the love of farming still shining though.

  2. Dana

    Please tell Finn the Messina family from Florida says hello! I love your farm…wished we lived closer:)

  3. winniebeans

    I am so excited to participate in this CSA share this summer.
    I’ve been reading the past year’s blogs, looking at the recipes and enjoying the beautiful pictures.
    I can’t wait!

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