May 5th

As spring finally reaches us here in Brunswick, and our days are filled with seeding, transplanting, preparing beds, and keeping our host of animals fed and happy, we thought now would be the perfect time to introduce you to the crew residing here, at Milkweed Farm this season!

ImageShirley: Guardian to all living creatures here at the farm-she enjoys basking in the sun on cool spring days, maintaining her pristine lioness coat, keeping her little ones in check, and long brisk jogs around the neighborhood.

ImageBruiser: Security Guard in training, son of Shirley, friend to all. Bruiser enjoys turning the compost piles, herding chickens, and hanging out with his best pal, Daire.

ImageBoris: Son of the late Boris Senior, and father to all milkweed piglets. Boris enjoys mud baths, rooting up pasture, late afternoon naps, and snuggling with his leading lady: Blossom.

ImageBlossom: Mother to all Milkweed piglets, and Boris’s other half. Blossom loves fresh spring greens, sunlight, kitchen and garden scraps, and nose to tail body rubs.

ImageRosetta, Brindle, and Black Button: The lone goat herd residing in our back pasture, the three amigos enjoy getting tangled up in fencing, stripping trees, climbing farm equipment, eating through poison ivy patches, and mingling with the pigs.

ImageMoonbeam: Elusive, sneaky, and affectionate, Moonbeam is our resident barn cat. She enjoys fresh mice, warm naps in the greenhouse, sleeping on shoulders, and strolls through the gardens.

ImageHattie: Our newest member of Milkweed Farm, Hattie just moved here last week from our friend’s at Wild Carrot Farm in Brattleboro Vermont. 8 months pregnant, she enjoys ample amounts of good hay, spring dug carrots, a nice full body rub down, and late afternoon walks around the farm, taking in her new home.  Hattie is eagerly awaiting green pasture, but understands that we don’t control the seasons-we’re in love with her already!

ImageMaple: Also affectionately known as “rumple” or “biscuit”. Friend of Hattie, Maple enjoys spring sunshine, snuggling, hanging out with Maeve and Daire out on pasture, and keeping the barnyard cute.

ImageDaire: The livestock manager here at Milkweed Farm, Daire enjoys building fairy houses, maintaining his numerous gardens and forts, hitching up his trailer for a trip down the driveway, and a good steak at the end of a long day’s work.

ImageMaeve: The resident milkmaid here on the farm, Maeve ensures everyone’s regular and demanding intakes of ice cream, cheese, and milk are satisfied.  When Maeve’s not in the kitchen, whipping up the next good snack, she can be found out in the trees, climbing, cartwheeling, and skipping her way through the forest.



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2 responses to “May 5th

  1. Kate McAlaine

    That’s a killer line-up!


    Dah! Love this. miss you all. Love, Madelyn

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