June 9th – The Second Week

After an exciting weekend at the farm, we are back at it for the second week of the share. Yesterday afternoon, Dairé spotted our Milking Shorthorn Hattie acting strangely, and soon afterward we had a calf! Hank is a small bull, brown with white spots like his mother. While few things can compare to that excitement, we’re also busy in the gardens. This time of year we always have something new to plant. The tomatoes have just gone into the ground thanks to an awesome crew of workers last Tuesday. We’ve seen tiny seedlings grow into beautiful greens, which after a cool spring are a welcome sight. This week we are harvesting the first kohlrabi (rumor has it kohlrabi make great oven fries – just add olive oil and a little salt and roast until they’re soft!).

Looking forward to seeing all of you later this week!

The Second Share

Bibb Lettuce



Bok Choi


Mixed Baby Greens




We have our eggs for sale in the farm store-$5 per dozen.




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2 responses to “June 9th – The Second Week

  1. tibby woodruff

    Beautiful!! Wish we were close, but we had from our Hadley farm yummy Chard, lettuce and Hadley Asparagus!! Yummy!!

  2. Kate

    Gorgeous pictures, great write-up, and AMAZING veggies- Thank You!

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