July 7th

Any other ducks would be glad for the opportunity, I’m thinking as I watch the ducks waddle furiously away from the pond and back toward the barn. Maeve, Dairé and I have just wrangled them and carried them to the tiny pond, which is filled with everything I can imagine ducks loving: pond grass, tadpoles, insects, muck. Instead, our charges have rejected their new home and are quacking anxiously back to their old one. You can lead a duck to water, I think (already hating myself for the pun), but you can’t make him stay put. They waddle urgently back to familiarity, and to be honest, I can’t blame them. They like to be close to their hiding places, having had one too many run ins with a fox already. But I also desperately want the ducks to understand how wonderful it will be to live at the pond, the place where they are naturally supposed to be. Instead, they waddle comically away, away, away.

It’s often hard to see what’s best for us. There is a lot of noise, a lot of attention diverted to the immediate, to the things that seem insurmountably pressing. Sometimes I think it’s impossible not to be like the ducks – jumping out of a new thing because the old one is more familiar. I grew up in a carrot sticks and celery family. I distinctly remember my first encounter with kale. It involved some dubious poking before I would even try a bite. Even then, I think I took a 2 year hiatus from the vegetable before I was reintroduced to it in my first season at the farm. I was a convert. And more broadly, it took working at the farm to see how much I valued working with my hands, how that helped me to find a balance of internal and external. It’s an adventurous sense, to plunge into something new (from a mud puddle to a new recipe). The trick is not getting scared off by the change.

So this week, cook adventurously. Foray into some new ingredient, or add some spice to an old favorite. Maybe the ducks will stay at the pond after all.


this week’s share

  • red bibb lettuce
  • chard
  • kale
  • beets
  • salad mix
  • zucchini
  • totsoi
  • radish or turnips
  • baby lettuce mix


We also have our eggs for $5 per dozen!  Our friends, Meghan and Charles, at Friday Pies are offering kale and sausage turnovers, strawberry pie, veggie quiche, and biscuits.   To order click here Friday Pie Club Order Form





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One response to “July 7th

  1. tibby woodruff

    Miss seeing my grandkids doing farm activities!!! Love all the pictures and wish that we were near, but we do have a couple organic farms that come to our Farmer’s Markets!!!

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