August 12th

We’re standing out in the back field, wrangling cows after a late afternoon breakout. I’m busy grumbling at the cows when Lucretia says “Isn’t it beautiful here?”

I look up, and notice that the farm has become golden in the evening light. The colors become soft and vibrant, with everything seeming to glow. The late afternoon thunder shower cleared to leave a rainbow stretching across the farm. And through all that I was determined to keep my head down, looking only at the task at hand. The cows were munching happily on some grass, the farm was quiet, and the weather was there to remind us to look up from our daily tasks.

As farmers, we talk, think, breathe the weather. I know to the minute when the weather comes on the radio in the morning. We speculate endlessly about when the next rainstorm will be. Will there be thunder? Will it only be scattered showers? Steady and slow, or hard and rapid? It’s another variable in an endless unpredictable parade.

Amidst all this, it’s important to look up on occasion and appreciate where we are. The weather marches in and we can watch how it settles and moves, appreciating the vast possibilities of the sky.

The share this week:



Bok Choi

Sweet and hot peppers







Lemon Basil Bunch



Friday Pie Selections this week  are

  • Peach-Zucchini Pie: 9-inch pie, single-crust pie, $25
  • Texas Chili Turnovers, box of 6: spicy red chili with Pineland Farm ground beef and Monterey Jack cheese

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One response to “August 12th

  1. tibby woodruff

    Beautiful day! Loved the pictures! Cheers! Tibby

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