Week 12

This morning, the sun seemed reluctant to peek over the treeline. It was the first time I noticed how much later the days are getting. I pulled on wool socks, suddenly aware of autumn’s proximity. The cool air against the sun made the morning chill seem deeply rooted, and I stepped out into the morning air with a deep breath.

It feels always that we are running through the seasons faster than we can keep track. The spring is still vivid in memory, and now we are here in high August. It’s tempting to lament the ending of summer, to say that we wish the long, warm days will last. But the fields remind us of the wonder that is autumn, the joy in winter squash and potatoes. Digging and uprooting. Fall is the reward for the busy summer. We can look ahead to the calm frost.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, looking ahead to the neglect of the present. We are experiencing the joy that is summer onions, new potatoes, and greens. The grass is still radient and the flowers at their peak. It’s easy to speculate away the present, to savor too fleetingly the smell of tomatoes and the feeling of bare feet in the grass.

These days of august are meant to be savored, to take the time to sit on the porch and drink coffee in the morning or take a stroll down the road in the evening. Pausing and breathing in the summer as the warm sun peeks into the farm on an early morning.


This Week:


Summer Squash

Head Lettuce

Sweet Onions

New Potatoes

Sweet Peppers




Culinary Herbs



In other news…

Friday Pie Club pies this week are 

  • Blueberry Streusel Pie: 9-inch, single-crust, with Maine wild blueberries and a crumb topping, $25
  • Peach Raspberry Pie: 9-inch, double-crust, with Eastern peaches and Maine raspberries, $25

Friday Pie Club Order Form



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2 responses to “Week 12

  1. tibby woodruff

    I have lost the week before or so which had all the beautiful pictures of the farm. I am putting them in my photo album and only got the first 3–rainbow and greenhouses. Could you send me a new post?? Thanks! I also save them in Mike’s folder!! Cheers and happy, healthy eating!! Am glad that I live in good farm country or I could not bear to look at all the yummy food at Milkweed Farm!! Tibby

  2. tibby woodruff

    OH! OH! OH!! I found what I thought that I had lost–the great farm pictures. Hope that You are not scurrying trying to find a copy for me.

    Thanks!! Tibby

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