December 2014

The short days effect all of us in different ways this time of year.  I find it harder to get out of bed in the morning and easier to go to bed in the early evening, tucking in with a good book and a warm child.   The chickens barely lay eggs as the light disappears.  Hank the young steer has put on a thick winter coat.   The apple trees are bare branched and stick out in the spartan fields.   What a contrast to the colors of summer and fall.

We have spent the fall thinking about the 2015 season.   We have decided to let go of some things, so that we have the time and space to focus on other things.   We will not be raising pigs or turkeys next year, and will only have our CSA pick up here at the farm.   We needed more time with our family, and the decision not to raise animals made the most sense.   We want to have the time to work on growing the best veggies, herbs, flowers, (and children).  We’re also excited to have more time for our perrennials and fruit trees (apples, peaches, plums, raspberries, strawberries and medicinal herbs such as elderberrry, echinacea and ashwagandah).   We will still have our farm eggs for sale each week at pick up.

Thanks to all of you who supported us this season.   It was a great season for us.   Each year we calculate how much produce we give to the shares and the value you receive.   The share price this year was $525 for 18 weeks, which comes to just over $29 per farm share.   We use the MOFGA farm pricing index for organic produce, which gives a low to high price for each item.   We use the middle pricing.   This year the shares averaged around $43, with a low of $27 in the first weeks, and a high of $60 in August when we had lots of yummy heirloom tomatoes, plus everything else.    When we calculated all of the weeks, the full value of the share came to $780 worth of veggies, flowers, fruit and herbs.    A savings of $255.

This is the beauty of the CSA model.   Our members help us get started early in the season when we need to buy seeds, supplements, fuel and grain.   In return you get the bounty of the season.   Of course, with farming we are dependent on weather and we never know what each year will bring.   Being small and diverse always helps.  Some years we have great success in certain crops while others languish due to weather, pests or disease.   This year almost all of our crops thrived and produced well.   Our only loss was ground cherries which we forgot to plant early in the season and planted too late.   An early frost in September killed the plants just before we could harvest the fruits.

We are not raising our share price in 2015.   If you sign up and pay in full by January 15th the cost is $500.    We also offer a payment plan.   We hope that you will join us in 2015.  Click here for  2015 Milkweed Farm CSA Application 

Muriel has been making beautiful wreaths for the holiday season.   The pricing is $35-$45 depending on wreath size.   We have a few left here at the farm.  Call Muriel if you would like a wreath,  802-249-1599 or send me an email.

We wish you a peaceful holiday season.



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  1. tibby woodruff

    Great letter and winter pictures!! Love to keep in touch with the farm this way! Cheers! Tibby

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