May 11th

Last night we fell asleep to the sweet sound of rain on the tin roof.   What a relief it was to hear the ping of rain drops as we tucked into bed, knowing that the recently planted seedlings were getting some much needed moisture.   The past week, we have been busy planting thousands of seedlings, plus seeding carrots, lettuce mixes, sweet peas and green beans in the fields.   We received a load of the most beautiful compost from We Compost It.  It was like black gold, full of earth warms and rich aroma.   We side dressed all of our onions and early plantings, then spread it on the fields yesterday.

Our friend and neighbor, Emily Trenholm, who has a work share with us,  sent us this news clipping about her husbands family farm in Winthrop.

The Trenholms’ are dairy farmers who have been on the farm since 1947.  This summer they will be offering a cheese share, featuring their delicious cheese and yogurt, to Milkweed Farm members.

Wholesome Holmstead Curd Herd--Our Cows. Our Cheese. For You!

To read more about the Dairy Share or to sign up, click here.

There is still time to sign up for a Milkweed Farm Share for 2015.   We hope you will join us!

See our 2015 Milkweed Farm CSA Application for more information

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