May 29th

Last night the rain came!  After many weeks of irrigating, spraying compost teas, and watching our vegetable fields turn into desert like conditions, we were all offered a big sigh of relief.  In addition-the vegetables are coming! We are so excited to announce:


Please be prepared to come to the farm to pick up your share on your chosen pick-up day!  Farm store hours are 3pm-6pm Tuesday and Friday.

We have made a concerted effort to simplify chores here at the farm this year-Lucretia is working without apprentices this season, and instead has shifted to hourly help, and more workshares.  This means some things we had to give up-including the few hours spent every week collecting boxes for your shares.  Instead, this year we will be offering hand printed burlap tote bags, designed to carry your entire share!  I have spent the past few months sewing, designing and printing these bags here at the farm, and I am excited to finally share them with all of you!  The cost will be $20, however you can also simply bring your own bags!

We are looking forward to seeing you all next week-it has been a long winter, and the abundance of greens and vegetables in our fields has given us a renewed energy for this bountiful season ahead!

With Love, Muriel.

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