September 23, 2015

A Week of Farm and Fair

This spring Seamus and Maeve applied for a table in the Youth Enterprise Zone at the Common Ground Country Fair.   While they have been working steadily on their crafts, this past week we have all gone into overdrive.   On the farm we have been trying to get all of the potatoes dug and cleaned for storage, winter squash in the greenhouse curing, onions drying, and garlic hung in the farm store.  There are still carrots to dig, fields to till and plant in cover crop, and greens to be planted for winter harvests.   We canned rhubarb sauce and started infusing oils in calendula for soap for the Fall Share.  We dug horseradish at our friends Derek and Kate’s homestead for Fire Cider.    The sacred basil is infusing our delicious honey that our friends Amy and Brian collected from our bees this summer.   While we have been busy working to get as much done as we can before the first frost, (last year the first frost was Sept. 14th), the kids have been crocheting, hand sewing leather wallets and making elderberry syrup and marigold salve for the Common Ground Fair.   We’ll be at the Fair this Friday and would love to see you there.

The 17th Share



Sweet Peppers (Carmen, Lipstick, Ace and Purple Beauty)


Potatoes (Yukon Gold)

Hot Peppers (Serrano, Jalapeno, Cayenne)



Join us for the 2016 Farm Season now, and save $50.   See our 2016 Milkweed Farm CSA Application for more information.

We still have Fall Shares left.   This share is full of storage vegetables (potatoes, onions, carrots, garlic, winter squash, beets) and greens (arugula, spinach, kale, lettuce mixes) plus our pasture raised poultry, eggs, dairy (yogurt and cheese from Wholesome Holmstead), Herbal Tonics for Fall (Elderberry Syrup, Fire Cider, Herbal Soaps, Thyme Tincture).   6 weeks $500. Email Lucretia if interested.

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