October 22,2015

The First Fall Farm Share


Milkweed Farm Eggs

Red Onions



Rosefinn Apple Fingerling Potatoes

Butternut Squash


Radish and Turnip Bunches




Elderberry Syrup

Wholesome Holmstead Yogurt

and Haloumi Cheese (grill or fry until golden brown; delicious!)

Milkweed Farm Handprinted Tote


We have been eating a lot of kale, and our new favorite way to prepare it is by rubbing the raw kale.   This has been the cause of much laughter in our household; every time I say, “I’m massaging the kale”.   However, it’s super easy, and everyone loves it.  Here is a site with three different recipes, but you can keep it simple (like I did in the pic. above) and just use olive oil, salt and lemon juice or apple cider vinegar.  http://nutritionstripped.com/massaged-kale-salad-three-ways/.

quiche for many

With your farm fresh eggs you can easily make a delicious quiche.   I start with sauteing onions or garlic in butter, then adding that to the bottom of my crust, throwing in cheese, kale or totsoi and 6 eggs with a 1/2 cup of milk.   My cast iron fry pan is big, so if you are using a smaller dish or pan you may need less eggs.   Here is a quiche recipe to follow.  Unless I’m baking a cake I don’t usually follow a recipe, so I’ll include a recipe here http://www.food.com/recipe/kale-and-onion-quiche-375327.


Grilled Haloumi

rosemary potatoes

rosemary potatoes

And finally, the Rosefinn apple variety of fingerling potatoes are not only my favorite potato name, but have become my favorite fingerling.   This year they grew so well, that from 50 lbs. of potatoes planted we harvested over 600 lbs!  My favorite way to cook them is to scrub them well, toss them with olive oil, salt and rosemary, then roast them at 425 degrees until they are crispy and golden.  About one hour.

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    Nice pictures on this post, Lucretia…MD

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