October 29, 2015


I awoke to the most beautiful sunrise on a frosty morning, lit a fire in the cookstove and put the kettle on for coffee. The colors of the sky perfectly matching the autumn maple trees in the front yard.  Not much left to harvest in the fields except our sweet winter carrots, kale and spinach.  This week we are taking our meat birds to a new slaughterhouse in Gardiner called Commonwealth Poultry http://commonwealthpoultry.com/.   The birds have grown well this fall; without the challenges of cold and rain that some falls bring.  We’re hoping that their weights all come in over 5 pounds or more.   Maeve and I plan to harvest carrots for the Fall Share when it gets a bit warmer.

This week Maeve made a Chocolate Beet Cake that was moist and delicious.   A great way to use your beets this week.  We have used this recipe, although we made it without the frosting to keep it simple, and served it with ice cream.  http://joythebaker.com/2012/01/chocolate-beet-cake-with-beet-cream-cheese-frosting/   This recipe also looks good and is fairly simple  http://www.davidlebovitz.com/2011/11/moist-chocolate-beet-cake-recipe-nigel-slater/


We also made a creamy Potato Soup with chicken stock from one of our roasted chickens.   We started by sauteing celery and onions in butter until the onions were golden, then we added the stock and cubed yukon gold potatoes.   We cooked over medium heat until the potatoes were soft.   I blended them in the pot with an immersion blender, then made a roux, with butter, flour and milk, and added that to the soup to make it extra creamy.  Salt and pepper to taste. We love this soup, and I sent it in thermos’ for the boys lunches the next day.

This week you’ll find Delicata and Kabocha (also called Sunshine) winter squash in your farm share.   Winter squash is best stored around 50-55 degrees, and will last a couple months or more if stored properly.   If you don’t have a cool storage space for your squash try and use it in the next few weeks, or roast and freeze it for winter soups and stews.  Here is a yummy curry recipe for the Sunshine squash.  http://www.chowhound.com/recipes/thai-red-curry-with-kabocha-squash-30268

The 2nd Fall Share

7lbs. Yukon Gold Potatoes

1/2 lb. Baby Chard

10 lbs. Yellow Storage Onions

3 Milkweed Farm Roasting Chickens

Farm Eggs

Wholesome Holmstead Yogurt

Golden Etta Cheese

1/3 lb. Spinach

Delicata Squash

1/2 lb. Salad Greens mix

2 lbs. Beets

Sunshine (Kabocha) Winter Squash

Marigold Healing Salve

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