June 24th

A love letter from the new mama…

Hello beautiful Milkweed farm community, it feels like quite sometime since I have seen many of your faces. Caleb and I have been busy soaking up every little ounce of love and sweetness, since welcoming our son Burleigh to the farm, only 3 weeks ago. Burleigh greeted us all here at Milkweed, in the wee hours of the morning of June 2nd.  Everyday since has been filled with so much love and support by the community here- Caleb and I want to thank all of you for how rich you have made the past few weeks. We feel so honored and grateful to be a part of this farm, which has been our home, and is now Burleigh’s home too.

New life brings new rhythms.  As I grow into mama-hood, I am finding less time for field work, and more time for sitting and listening to the trees rustle, as Burleigh nurses in my arms.  Meanwhile, this farm continues to grow and the fields continue to burst with the bounties of early summer.  Our work shares show up every week, and work hard in the fields; weeding, planting, and harvesting.  Michael and the boys spent this past week building a new wash room off the side of the barn, which is nearly completed and will be ready for the many heads of lettuce, and endless roots before we know it.  Lucretia has been hard at work keeping the fields full of vegetables for you and your families this season, and a few days ago, we finally got rain!

We are all rejoicing this week, in the new life, and new season ahead of us.  I hope you and your families continue to enjoy the beautiful food and community that this farm cultivates year after year- our new little family just can’t seem to get enough!

With love and many thanks,


The 4th Farm Share

Bibb Lettuce



Scarlet Turnips








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One response to “June 24th

  1. Sophia Gabriel

    How fortunate we all are, with each year bringing us the wonders of the earth….with love and commitment to the Gardens at Milkweed Farm with the new families and old !!! My we all rejoice in our support of each other…
    Happy Summer….Hugs to our newest member Burleigh !

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