Preparing for Fall


This week we began the task of removing old crops to make room for our fall crops.   I can hardly believe that we are in our sixth week of farm shares, and despite the lack of rain our crops are healthy and abundant.  I have been fermenting a nettles tea and spraying it on tomatoes this week.   The tomato plants are as tall as me and full of  green tomatoes the size of my fist.   We spotted fungal diseases on the lower leaves.  I spent a whole day pruning all of the diseased leaves and sprayed nettles at the end of the day, so as not to burn the leaves.  The plants seemed to flourish and look amazing now.  I’m hoping that if we can keep them healthy, they’ll give us delicious tomatoes late into the fall.


The 6th Farm Share


Salad Mix

Rainbow Chard or

Red Russian Kale

Hakurei Turnips

Golden Beets

Buttercrunch Lettuce




If you still have garlic scapes left from last weeks share, try making a scape pesto.  It’s simple and delicious and can be frozen for later use (  We like it on pasta or sauteed veggies.  You can also use them in a salad dressing.   The kale is beautiful and abundant this year, so you’ll probably be seeing a lot of it in your shares.   My kids love it made into kale chips or in a kale salad. I like to put it into smoothies so we get our greens each day.   Also, this seems to be a great year for cabbage.  We are enjoying using it on many of our meals sliced very thinly; on top of tacos, eggs in the morning, etc.

Here are a couple more recipes to try.  Raw Tuscan Kale Salad and Green Smoothie



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3 responses to “Preparing for Fall

  1. Joanne

    My friend suggests cutting off the top section of the scapes and only using the bottom section. In the NYT comments people were saying the pesto was too strong. IS my friend correct?

    • milkweedfarm

      Hi Joanne,

      I use most of the scape. If I cut off anything it’s the bottom, which can be tough. I like the tops which are tender and garlicy. I think it depends on how garlicy/spicy you like your food. YOu can always add more olive oil, cheese or some basil if it’s too strong for your liking, or just mix less of it in your food.

  2. Rachel

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the tomatoes!

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