The End of Summer




Sunflower in afternoon

While we still have one more official week of summer, it feels like we are fully into our fall schedule and rituals; back to school and fall sports,  harvesting root crops and storage vegetables and making our fall herbal preparations for the Fall Share.   The bees are busy gathering all they can.  So busy that if I get in their flight path they fly right into me, not noticing the large creature in their way as they rush to fill their larder.

The past few weeks we have watched the summer vegetables quickly die off from disease, possibly a result of the long drought we have experienced this season.    Despite the stress this has caused for all, we have had a bountiful season.    After last weeks harvest,  and seeing that our summer vegetables are close to finished, we have decided to take a week off from the CSA share, so that we can allow our fall greens to grow a bit for harvest, and to have the time to bring in storage vegetables.   Our last farm share will be the week of Sept. 27th, and you will receive a bounty of vegetables and greens.  

We still have a few Fall Bounty Shares left to sell.  If you are interested please email or let me know at pick up.    This week we finished the Elderberry Syrup, calendula salves, and began planting spinach and arugula for the share.   The chickens out in their moveable homes are growing big on pasture, and will be ready for the share in early November.   The share will also include dairy from Wholesome Holmstead and Bard Owl Creamery.   For more info.  see our last post.

The 15th and 16th Shares


Heirloom Tomatoes

Salad Mix or Arugula

Carmen Peppers

Sweet Onions

Husk Cherries


Jimmy Nardello Frying Peppers

Jalapenos and Cayenne Peppers

Red Onions



Rainbow Chard or Kale



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  1. Kate Skinner

    Hello Lucretia, I have a pepper question. Are the large peppers “Jimmy Nardello Frying Peppers”? How spicy?

    Cayenne are the smaller red ones?

    What about the medium green and red peppers?

    Thanks, Kate

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