Harvest Share

This past week brought us the warm winds of the summer past. We spent a morning replacing the plastic on our greenhouse that we use for starting seedlings in the spring and early summer-perfect weather conditions for allowing the plastic to stretch and get a really tight covering.  Now we are just itching to give that space a final cleaning, put it to bed for winter, and begin wrapping our minds around next year’s season!  We also celebrated our last big work day with our wonderful crew of work shares, harvesting the last of peppers and tomatoes, and cleaning out our farm store.  Thank you all so much-you are instrumental in the success of this small family farm.

We are now switching gears, and preparing our weekly offerings for our Harvest Share, which started this week!  We are so excited to be helping you all stock your pantry for winter.  You will be receiving a large quantity of storage vegetables over the coming weeks, which will store best in a cool dry and dark place, for use all winter long.

A reminder! Pickup for the Harvest Share is Thursdays, 2pm-6pm. Your share will be packed up for you every week, we simply ask that you return boxes and egg cartons!  This small gesture on your part is an immense help!

1st Harvest Share

2.5lbs Rose Finn Apple Fingerling Potatoes

10lbs Cortland Onions (storage crop)



Rainbow Chard

Delicata Squash

Bibb Lettuce

Sweet Carmen Peppers

Sage Bunches

Wholesome Holmstead Yogurt

Wholesome Holmstead “Golden Etta” Feta Cheese

Pasture-Raised Eggs

Milkweed Farm Pasture-Raised Whole Chicken

8oz. Elderberry Syrup

A few recipes to help with this weeks bounty.

Our first batch of chickens were large, possibly due to the warm, dry fall that we had.  We were able to move them every day onto fresh pasture, and they grew well.   Personally, I love a large bird.   I love leftovers for chicken salad, pot pie and a big pot of stock.   You can freeze the stock and use it in future soups all winter long.   In the recipe from Epicurious, it says to use 2 chicken carcasses, but you only need one, since your bird is probably twice the size of the average roast chicken.




Rainbow Chard

And one more for garlicky greens.  You can use your beautiful rainbow chard.


The Elderberry Syrup was made with elderberries and honey from our farm.   Elderberry is a wonderful immune support and has been traditionally used to prevent colds and flu, or to support you when you are sick.  You can take a big spoonful everyday, or add it to tea or sparkling water.

And, from an article on the benefits of elderberry…..

Elderberry Syrup in Scientific Literature

elderberries on a bushElderberry syrup is not just good for when you are sick either.  It is a highly effective preventative too as it is loaded with antioxidants, Vitamin C and immune supporting minerals.

Scientific research is supporting the use of elderberries for illness.  In one study, elderberry extract inhibited several strains of influenza and reduced symptoms.  In another, elderberry syrup flavonoids were found effective against the H1N1 (Swine Flu) virus.

In the most compelling study, a randomized trial of 60 patients aged 18-54 suffering from flu symptoms for 48 hours or less received 15 ml (3 teaspoons) of elderberry syrup or a placebo 4x per day for five days. Researchers observed that “Symptoms were relieved on average 4 days earlier and use of rescue medication was significantly less in those receiving elderberry extract compared with placebo”.

Besides being effective at preventing and reducing symptoms, elderberry syrup also has highly practical applications as well.  It is delicious drizzled on pancakes and waffles, or healthy homemade ice cream when a sore throat takes hold and something cold on the throat is especially welcome.

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  1. mike@thewilltoplay.com

    Hi Lucretia,Stopped by this afternoon, but you weren’t there.  I brought 5 empty boxes, left them in the store. I will get you some more tomorrow when I go to MCHPP.  Let’s catch up when you have time.Mike

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