The 3rd Fall Share

The 3rd Harvest Share

Red Kuri Squash

Collard Greens

Red Maria Potatoes

Braising Greens or Pac Choi




Delicata Squash

Vacequou Cheese


Farm Eggs

3 Pasture Raised Chickens

Fire Cider


I do hope you enjoy your chickens.   We are happy that they grew so well, and relieved to have a break from feeding, watering and moving them on pasture each day.   We roasted a large bird last weekend, and I took butter (room temp.) fresh thyme, and salt and mashed it all together, then put it under the skin of the breast meat.  I roasted the bird at 450 degrees for 20 minutes, then turned the oven down to 375 degrees.  It took about 2 hours to roast the 7.5lb bird, but it was golden brown and tender.  Afterwards, we stripped off all of the meat for another meal, and put the bones in a big pot with water and a little apple cider vinegar, which helps to draw the nutrients out of the bones.   I usually let the stock simmer for a few hours, then strain it and put it in the frig. until I have time to make soup.  The Red Kuri would be delicious in a chicken stock.   I would roast it first and caramelize some onions or shallots to add flavor, then blend it until creamy.

The Fire Cider you received this week is one of my favorite Tonics for staying healthy.   We take Apple Cider Vinegar, made locally by our friend Jill Agnew of Willow Pond Farm, and add cayenne peppers, thyme, sage, garlic and horseradish.  We let this sit for a couple months.  Yesterday I strained out all of the herbs and then added some raw honey from our farm.   I like to take a tablespoon of it when I feel a sore throat or cold coming on.

Not sure how to use the beets?   Why not try one of my kids favorites; Chocolate Beet Cake.  Here is a recipe..

I use spelt flour in place of the all purpose flour.

Here is more information on Red Kuri squash with great pictures and directions.

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