4th Harvest Share

As small farmers, we pledge to tend to our air, water, and soil much like we tend to our families, and community.  We devote our hands and hearts to bringing nourishment, patience, and kindness to our fields each day. With intention, we dutifully maintain and improve the vitality of our earth for our children, and future generations. This week has been a reminder to us, that the work we are doing here is vital.  Each of us as individuals has a responsibility to be engaged and inspired, to make the world a better place, every day that we are here.  Thank you all for supporting us, and the work that we do.  It is a true privilege to grow food for our community, and we promise to continue working hard and digging deep.img_1487

We are excited to include homemade soap in your shares this week.  We utilized an old fashion method of rendering beef fat (from our last year’s steer) to make beautiful soap, while also fulfilling our commitment to honoring each part of the animals we raise here.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

You will also find Haloumi style cheese from Wholesome Holmstead this week.  This cheese is unique in that it does not melt when you heat it-in fact, it is intended for grilling!

Here is a great recipe to inspire:


We have been enjoying finding inspiration from Yotam Ottolenghi’s cookbook “Jerusalem”.  It is a beautiful book, and every single recipe we have tried has become an instant hit.  We highly recommend adding it to your collection, and here is a recipe from the book that we have been enjoying this week-it tastes delicious with Kuri Squash too!


The 4th Share

Butternut Squash

Baby Chard & Beet Green Mix






Bibb Lettuce

Homemade Tallow Soap

Pastured Eggs

Barred Owl Herb Chevre

Wholesome Holmstead “Whole-Oh-My” Haloumi Style Cheese

Wholesome Holmstead Yogurt


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  1. Hi Lucretia, I apologize for not making it over there to get my share today. I was going to swing by quickly between my conference and a road trip we are taking tonight to New York. But I could not get out of conference in time and now we are Driving south. I will come on Monday I guess!! I would have loved to have exchanged hugs as well!!! Hoping the trip will be a good distraction though. Much love to you and the family!! Lucy

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