December 21st

We send our warmest wishes to all of you, this solstice day.  Today marks the beginning of more light, and before we know it-another farm season!  Our hens are proving to be very hearty this winter, and we find ourselves carrying in full buckets of eggs at the end of morning chores.  This is a reminder that we have eggs for sale, $5/dozen and available through the winter with pickup at the farm, and Maine Coast Waldorf school.  Please email us with your orders, there are still a few days left to get all of your holiday grocery shopping needs filled!

We also have Elderberry Syrup, and Fire Cider for sale.  These are both wonderful winter tonics, and now is the perfect time to stock up your medicine cabinet for the cold and flu season ahead!

We would also like to remind you that if you sign up with us for our 2017 CSA season before the new year, you will receive a $50 discount!  Follow the link for our CSA application on our home page.

Thank you all for continuing to support our family farm, we look forward to seeing you in the new year!





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6 responses to “December 21st


    Merry Christmas, Lucretia!


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  2. lucretia – Can I come and pick up two dozen eggs tomorrow? Also another bottle of the Elderberry syrup? Thanks Sally >

  3. Sarah Cannon Holden

    Dear Lucretia.

    What a lovely report. Having just returned from warm weather in Vietnam we are happy to note that we are on the path to more daylight – and down the road to warmer weather. I hope we can visit soon. Lots of love to all of you. Merry Christmas.

    Love. Sarah

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  4. Caroline Norden

    We would like to get eggs at school. I have some jeans and ski pants for Maive.

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    Hi Lucretia, and Merry Christmas to you and your family, and Muriel and hers!!!

    I’m at a computer from which I cannot print right now but wanted to let you know that plan to do the 2017 CSA and will send the form and payment ASAP.

    I’d also love to get eggs throughout the winter…. which day are they available at the Waldorf School? If I’m able to do this, I’d also like another bottle of the elderberry syrup. The eggs rather depend on whether Sharon is willing to drive to the school in winter. I’ll ask her about that.

    Thank you for sharing your bounty this year, and have a very warm and happy Christmas!



  6. Kelly Barham

    Greetings! Thank you for the syrup delivery. Now we need another one! A big one please and a fire cider. If you tell me the price i can leave a check with Deeda. Thank you so much. Blessings to you all, Kelly

    Kelly Smith Barham Bound for Glory Textiles 3 Cliff Avenue, Freeport, Maine 04032 207-433-0124


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