Salt of the Earth

I am re-posting this because a few of you said that you were unable to get to Madelyn’s website.  It should work now!


For the first time,  Madelyn Sullivan and I will be offering a workshop called Salt of the Earth; A Day of Story, Symbolism, Yoga and Craft.   Madelyn will teach students to make their own beautiful leather sandals.   She has been making sandals for and with people for many years.  She teaches classes in California, Arizona, Colorado and Hawaii.  We are very lucky to have her come all the way to Maine to offer this class.   The day will be full of her stories, yoga, a delicious farm lunch, and much more.   To find out more check out Madelyn’s site   You can also contact me with any questions you may have.


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2 responses to “Salt of the Earth

  1. Do you want me to forward this to friends of mine, or keep it within MWFarm community?


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