New Beginnings!


If you’ve noticed an absence of posting lately, I apologize for the silence on this end.   These past two weeks have been full of farming, endings and beginnings, old friends and new.   Our oldest son, Finn, graduated from High School last weekend, his brother Seamus graduated from Middle School and the events and celebrations, while wonderful and bittersweet, made for busy times.   


Our Share season is in full swing now, with 2 weeks behind us and the start of our 3rd share tomorrow.   The June crops are doing well, with an abundance of greens coming your way.   Strawberries are beginning to ripen and small tomatoes are forming on the plants.   It looks like a good year for onions and brassicas! 


If you haven’t signed up for the Wholesome Holmstead Dairy Share there is still space available.   Each week you’ll receive a quart of their delicious yogurt and handmade cheese, with new varieties each week.   You can also opt to order just yogurt or cheese.   Interested?  Email Emily Trenholm


Here is what we know will be harvested, but there are sure to be surprises!

3rd Farm Share



Hakurei Turnips or Radish

Napa Cabbage


Rainbow Chard




Want to see more of the farm?  You can follow us on Instagram now @milkweedfarm

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One response to “New Beginnings!

  1. sarah cannon holden

    CONGRATULATIONS TO BOTH FINN AND SEAMUS. How wonderful and exciting! Where does Seamus go next? Can’t wait to see you in August – hopefully.

    Lots of love to all. We leave next week for Vail – where WE WILL ALL be together to celebrate our 50th anniversary! Wow.


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