In all it’s Glory!


Yes, summer is here, and we are enjoying the balmy days and cool nights that make Maine so glorious.   We are trying to find balance between work and play; making time for swimming, ice cream, and drives up the coast to discover new swim and picnic spots.


The farm is thriving and we are busy trying to stay ahead of weeds, pruning, planting and continuous seeding.   The first month has been full of greens of all kinds, plus radish, turnips, bunching onions, Napa cabbage, broccoli, and strawberries.   The summer crops; tomatoes, squash, peppers, early onions and potatoes are growing well.   Each day, we walk the fields looking for pests and disease, and so far this season we have not been plagued by much, most likely due to the cold, rainy spring.   Hot and humid days may change this quickly.   The beauty and challenge of small scale farming without pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides is that we are vulnerable to the unpredictable changes that each season brings.


Our new laying hens are laying in earnest now.  We have plenty of eggs each week.  You can reserve a dozen each week by adding an egg share.   We will also have them in the refrigerator for sale.

laying quarters


This week, because of the July 4th holiday, we will distribute Tuesday’s farm share on Wednesday, July 5.  Friday remains the same.   Pick up is from 3-6pm.  If you are going to be running late please call or text me to let me know, and I can pack a box for you.   Please remember to bring your own bags or boxes.  We collect boxes for our deliveries and do not have extras.  Thanks!





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2 responses to “In all it’s Glory!


    Great post, Lucretia.Mike

  2. tibby woodruff

    Mr. D and the water looks good to me right now!! Farm looks fantastic!! Our farmer’s markets have great looking food already!! Had great pea pods and a red lettuce salad last night with lobster!! (Not even in Maine)!!!!

    Take good care of yourself in this heat! Cheers!!


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