The 5th Farm Share



5th Farm Share



Garlic Scapes

Panisse Lettuce

Hakurei Turnips



Salad mix with nasturtiums





Wondering what to do with the garlic scapes?  We love to make them into a simple pesto.   Simply chop them and put them in a blender or cuisinart with olive oil and salt.  Blend until creamy.  Add more or less olive oil to get the right texture.   A splash of lemon is nice too.   We put this on everything; chicken, fish, pasta, veggies.  We also use the garlic scapes as a base for our Ranch dressing.   Chop or blend scapes, add salt, mayonnaise, apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper.  We also love to add fresh herbs.  Last week I made a Dill Ranch that we ate with raw veggies and on top of sauteed veggies and tacos.  It’s good on everything.   I don’t have exact amounts of anything.  I add as much mayo as I want dressing and then add enough apple cider vinegar until I get the tartness I like, salt and pepper to taste.  Lots of fresh herbs!


Not sure about the Kohlrabi?  Here is how to prepare it

and a few recipes from Martha Stewart to spark your imagination.

Coming this week!


Add an Egg Share!   We have lots of our delicious Pasture Raised Eggs for sale in the farm store.   Because of an increase in the cost of our grain prices, we have raised our price to $6 dozen.  However, if you buy an egg share for the rest of the season, the price remains at $5 per dozen.   We move our hens on fresh grass every day, we feed them non- GMO grain from Vermont plus lots of fresh greens from the garden each day!






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