3rd Farmstead Share



In your Farmstead Share this week




Red Cabbage

Rainbow Chard





Pasture raised Chicken

Farm Eggs

Bard Owl Creamery Goat Cheese

Wholesome Holmstead Yogurt



Please remember to bring your own box, bags, or cooler to the farm to pick up your share.  This week, with the extra chicken, there will be a lot of weight.


Tess Hamilton, who lives and works on the farm, will be offering her own homemade bagels to our farm community.  She makes them in small batches and is using our wood fired oven to bake them.  She is making Rosemary, Thyme, Garlic bagels and Sesame, Sea Salt.  You can buy them for $2 a piece or packed in 3 or 6 pack bags, for $5.00 and $10.00 respectively.  My family and I, who are bagel lovers, think these are the best bagels we’ve ever tried, and I think you will too!  To order text Tess at 603-738-2901.  Pick up at the farm, or we can deliver them to MCWS when we bring your farm share on Friday afternoon.  Maine Coast Pick Up at 3pm, under the roof of the Community Hall.  Chickens will be packed in a cooler.


Many of you have asked if we’re raising turkeys this year, and are disappointed to hear that we are not, but we wanted you to know that our friends at Applecreek Farm are raising organic pasture raised Turkeys and still have some to sell.

From Abby,

Apple Creek Farm raises certified organic, pasture raised turkeys that are available FRESH for pick-up on Saturday, November 18 or Tuesday, November 21 at the Brunswick Farmer’s Markets.  For more information info@applecreekfarm.me or call Abby at 948-3022


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2 responses to “3rd Farmstead Share

  1. Hi Lucretia!

    Can we still get in on the farm share?- Everything sounds too good to miss!!!


    • milkweedfarm

      Yes, we should have enough of everything except eggs, which I think you said you didn’t need. Would you like the chickens and cheese/ yogurt also?

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