Farmstead Share #4

The long, warm days we experienced this fall left us a bit complacent and not fully prepared for the cold and snow that arrived late Monday night.   Harvesting carrots and greens the last few days has been a chilling experience to say the least.   The good part is that the cold makes for the sweetest carrots and greens of the year!



The 4th Farmstead Share






Spinach/Tatsoi mix


Wholesome Holmstead Yogurt

Wholesome Holmstead Cheese

Milkweed Chicken

Milkweed Farm Eggs

Fresh ground Cayenne Pepper

*Next weeks Thanksgiving Share will be ready for pick up on Tuesday November 21st.   Please let me know if you will pick up at the farm, or if you will want your box delivered to Maine Coast Waldorf School that afternoon.

Tess Hamilton asked me to share the following with you…..


I so appreciate the support I received this past week as I launched my bagel venture.  The number of orders exceeded my expectations, and I am so grateful for the enthusiasm!  In my first week, I learned that baking 10 batches was far different than baking a single batch, and I want to be sure that the variability did not sacrifice quality.  If you loved your Farmstead Bagel(s), please spread the word. If it was not the very best bagel experience, please give me the benefit of your feedback (criticism is particularly valuable as I try to dial in the recipe and technique etc) by calling me at 603 738 2901 or emailing  I am committed to quality so if I ever fall short, please give me the opportunity to make it up to you with free replacement Farmstead Bagel(s) the following week.  In these coming weeks, I will be baking batches for Friday the 17th, Sunday the 19th, and Tuesday the 21st.  Please text me with orders (1-2 days in advance is best although I usually bake extras).  Below is my bagel baking story:


I have loved the creative and social aspect of cooking since I was very little, but it wasn’t until a year ago that glutinous items re-entered my eating repertoire.  After being gluten-free for 6 years, I decided to teach my body to tolerate gluten on the same day I received a Fellowship to travel the world for 12 months.  Bound for remote and nomadic communities in 12 countries, I was clear that I wanted to be able to eat and enjoy anything that was enjoyed by people with whom I would be living.  I began by including one bite of gluten each day and worked up from there until I could enjoy every single fresh baked chapatti in India or homemade noodle in Mongolia.  

Upon arrival in a new country, I might not share a language with local people, but we could always share the making and enjoyments of a meal.  Like the potluck dinners that brought friends and family together during my childhood and college years back in the States, sharing slow community meals abroad was a grounding, connecting, and unanimous daily celebration.  

In my travels, I began to learn the chemical magic of working with flours and wheats:  barefoot on the soft soil of India, bringing bowls of dough into my tent at night in Chile to help the dough rise for fresh pan in the morning, hunting for flat rocks to diffuse the heat of a wood fire covered with metal to make an oven, frying cinnamon rolls in Monduli Tanzania to thank neighbors who shared with me new recipes of ugali and mahindi each day. The richness and diversity of flavors around the world left very little to miss about American cuisine, but I found myself hankering for bagels, a rather odd craving since I hadn’t even been eating bagels when I left home.

Soon after arriving home from my year of travel, I had a brunch date with a beloved childhood teacher in the one room schoolhouse where I attended 1-3rd grade.  She suggested I bring something to go with eggs, and I decided this was a perfect opportunity to bake my first batch of bagels!  I love the process of baking bagels and was getting lots of positive feedback – I began thinking about how I could share my bagels with a broader audience. With such amazing support at Milkweed Farm, this dream is becoming a reality!


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9 responses to “Farmstead Share #4

  1. lauralile

    Hi Lucretia.
    We are going out of town thanksgiving week. Can you hold our box til school starts or should we find a family willing to take our share that week?
    Loved the bagels. Would eat another six if you have it. Still owe for last weeks bagels.
    Thank you

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Mary Fox

    Can we order bagels if we aren’t doing a share? Maybe when the share weeks are over??? They look marvelous!



    Thank you Lucretia.

    I can personally pick up at the school on Tuesday of Thanksgiving week.

    If not too late, we would like two more bagels this Friday: both the sea salt sesame variety— or, if those are not available, any two bagels will do.

    I can bring a check for the bagels to the Tuesday share next week.

    Thank you!



  4. Allison Pratt

    We would love to order 6 more bagels (3 of each kind) for Friday! Should I e-mail Tess or will you be passing along orders to her, too?

    Thank you! Allison

    Sent from my iPod


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