Winter Thoughts


As we approach mid winter, the days are beginning to lengthen and it is the time of year when we begin the work of planning for the new year in earnest.  After much consideration this fall and early winter, we have decided to take a year off from our Summer CSA to have more time for our family this summer.    We will still be planting and planning for our Fall CSA, raising many more root crops, alliums and winter squash, plus our meat birds and Medicinal Herbs.


Covering new Strawberry fields with straw mulch

Last spring we planted a quarter acre of strawberries and have been caring for them with biodynamic treatments, and hope to offer U-Pick here at the farm this summer.  We are very excited to offer strawberries that have not been treated with herbicides or pesticides.   We are also offering more options with our Fall CSA including the Full Farmstead Share, Vegan Share and Medicinal Herb Share.   We are looking forward to having time to work on areas of the farm that have needed our attention, but have not had as much time as we would like to attend to, like our apple orchard and other fruit trees, plus more Medicinal Herbs.  We are also excited to allow some areas of the farm to lie fallow for a year, and to be planted in cover crop.   We are grateful to all of you who have supported our farm and we hope you will continue to do so, and to support other local farmers this season, while we take a break.   Our application for our Fall Shares is up and we hope you will consider a share this fall.   See our 2018 Milkweed Farm Application Form  to sign up for a share!

With gratitude,



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5 responses to “Winter Thoughts

  1. This is nice, Lucretia. Hugs! XOOOOOOO

  2. Susan Simmons

    Wow! Pure, clean strawberries grown locally? How lucky can we get!! I might just have to make a special trip over for the u-pick, when they’re ready….oh, such a favorite of my family! I am enjoying your newsletter now, as a way to stay a little in touch with a very special family and farm! Cheers, Lucretia! ~Susan (Bree’s mom)

  3. Rachel

    I always love my window to the workings of the Milkweed Farm.

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