IMG_8600.JPGWe are excited to be offering U-Pick strawberries to our farm community this year. We raised these berries using Biodynamic farming practices, spraying only compost and medicinal herb teas.  We are learning a lot about the practice of Organic strawberries and why there are so few available in the marketplace.  Organic Strawberry farmers usually get just one year of harvest,  because it is very difficult to keep weeds from taking over. Hand weeding takes a lot of time and labor, which is why most farmers go the conventional route. We have been mulching with straw to keep the weeds down, and the berries clean. We chose the berry varieties for sweetness and resilience, over size.  We think they’re the sweetest berries we’ve tasted! $2.75lb, approximately $4 quart. You can also have us pick them for you, $6.50 quart if you come to the farm.   For more information or to schedule a picking time call, text or email Lucretia.  207-295-5292, Follow us on Instagram @milkweedfarmIMG_8593




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    Great post, Lucretia…well done with the photos as usual.Mike

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