Herbal Classes 2013

Classes are 3 hours long, and the cost is $30 per class for those who do not have an Herb Share, or want to take an extra class.

In the Spring we will offer a class on Making Simple Medicinal Herbal Products.   This class will cover how to make simple tinctures using the Folk Method, how to make oils, and salves and how to gather local wild herbs for teas and tinctures.

In the Summer we will offer a class on The Common Herbs that Grow All Around Us and How to Use Them.  We will schedule this class in early July when the most medicinal herbs can be gathered to make medicine.   We’ll discuss herbs that we can wildgather such as yarrow, mullein, comfrey, St. Johns Wort, Red Clover, and Elderflower, and some that we cultivate here on the farm such as Calendula, Thyme, Sacred Basil, Ashwagandah, and Echinacea.   We will discuss how to use the specific herbs, and we will make simple tinctures and oils using the herbs that we gather.

In the Fall we will offer a class on Making Healing Syrups such as Elderberry Syrup, Rosehip Syrup and others.   These can be gathered locally and added to your families diet to support you throughout the Fall and Winter Seasons.

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