Just for Mothers Herb Share

Just for Mothers

Caring for young children can be exhausting and set us up for illness and other problems.   Taking good care of ourselves is the key to staying strong and healthy throughout the year.   This share not only builds immunity with herbs like Astragalus and Organic Garlic, but also adds nourishing herbs such as Nettles and Ashwagandah, that we can take on a  daily basis to build up immunity, detoxify, and nourish ourselves throughout the year.   The Rose, Calendula and Lavender Oil help to relax tired muscles and soothe dry skin, and can be added to your bath with the Sea Salt and Rose Petal Bath Salts.   A great gift for any mom!

Just for Mothers Medicinal Herb Share Includes:

2 oz. Thyme tincture

Ashwagandah Powder

4 oz. Nettles Tea

4 oz. Elderberry Syrup

2 oz. Astragalus tincture

1 pound Organic Garlic

Rose, Calendula, and Lavender Body Oil

Sea salt and Rose Petal Bath Salts

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