Standard Herb Share

Standard Herb Share

Great for individuals or families.   A nice variety of immune supportive herbs including Echinacea, thyme and organic garlic.   Elderberry for cold and flu season and Wild Cherry Bark Syrup for coughs and colds.   Calming Tea with Chamomile and Lemon Balm that all can enjoy throughout the year.   Heal All Salve for cuts,  scrapes and dry skin.

Standard Medicinal Herb Share Includes:

2 oz. bottle Thyme tincture

1 oz. bottle  Echinacea tincture

2 oz. bag Calming Tea (with lemon balm and chamomile)

4 oz. bottle Rose, Calendula and Lavender Body Oil

4 oz. bottle Elderberry Syrup

4 oz. bottle Wild Cherry Bark Cough Syrup

1 lb.  Organic Garlic

2 oz. Healing Salve

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