Common Garden

For families and individuals interested in a longer term commitment to the farm, we offer a working CSA share. Common Gardeners contribute a modest cash investment to cover the cost of seeds and tools, and agree to work 4 hours in the garden each week.  We have regular group work days to tackle large projects on the farm, often with a potluck dinner at the end of the day in order for the group to gather together.  The Common Garden has been a wonderful, community-building project and has allowed us to develop and expand our vegetable growing capacity.

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“Farming is a hard life.  That’s what these rural sociologists were talking about in the start.  It’s a hard life, therefore nobody ought to live it.   What a remarkable conclusion.  There are several steps that are left out.   What causes the difficulty?  Does freedom come out of it?  Does family pride come with it, family coherence? Does some kind of idea of community  come with it?   Does some kind of idea of stewardship, of essential, irreplaceable, indispensable, stewardship, does that come with it?  Do ideas of affection or love or fidelity come with it?   The basic question is, how hard would you be willing to work in order to be free?”
~Wendell Berry